Saturday, November 29, 2014

Newest Obsession

It's unbelievable how much time I've been spending on learning this one fold from my book on origami tessellations.  It's the very first lesson in my book, and even though I have managed to flounder through the folds, the way they actually work remains a mystery.  Every time I succeed I'm not quite sure how it happened.  The most obnoxious part of the process is folding the grid.  At least it's not difficult, but time consuming.  I feel like a chimpanzee at a typewriter (or a keyboard).  Of course I am aiming for the "awe-inspiring" results described in the book, but I'm beginning to wonder if I will live long enough to get to chapter 2.

I have to force myself to make my coffee in the morning and walk the dogs.  Usually I don't succeed and head straight for the book and paper I have put out of sight the night before.  I hope in vain that I will resist giving it just one more try while the coffee maker works, but even if I manage to pour a cup of coffee it sits on the table unnoticed until it is long cold. Next thing I know hours have passed while I struggle to understand the maneuvers required to reach my goal    I need to focus on other things, notably beginning to plan the solo art show I have committed myself to do in May.  Unless I plan on exhibiting hundreds of pieces of waste paper I had better get moving.

Right now I have more folding to do, though.........I promise myself just until I master the square.

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