Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Snow and Naughty Dog

There have been storms all over the country, messing up plans for the holiday all over the country.  Not so for Eastport, though.  All we got was this slush, which has frozen now in a lot of places.  Willy, that naughty boy, got away from me this morning as I was so dutifully picking up his poop.  He disappeared and I spent about thirty minutes slogging through the mess looking for him.  When I finally spotted him with his leash wrapped around a bush behind a neighbor's house, he simply waited for me to untangle him, then raced away before I had a good grip on him.  I am almost never angry with my boys, but I must say Willy inspired a deluge of unprintable words from my usually genteel mouth.  It was another fifteen minutes or so before I spotted him again, this time racing toward town.  He stopped and looked back at me, waited until I was just a few feet from him, then took flight again.  Finally I was able to grab his leash as he stopped to investigate some irresistible aroma. I put him on a short tether and dragged him home, lecturing him the whole way.  He, of course was oblivious to my irritation until we got to the house.  Snapping his leash off and calling him uncomplimentary names finally  got through to him that I was angry, and when I refused to give him his usual post-walk treat he knew something was wrong.  He slunk upstairs and I haven't seen him since.

He has no idea why things took such an unfortunate turn, but he is laying low, no doubt waiting for the puzzling storm to pass.  I ought to call him down, and I will in a little while, but thoughts of the winter ahead keep me in a less than charitable mood.  I see the near future,  me trudging after him through snow banks as high as my waist, slipping on ice-covered driveways, struggling through neighbors' unshoveled yards, peering under porches....well, you get the picture.  Willy, Willy, Willy.

But ya gotta love 'im..........


P. J. Grath said...

Many years ago we had a dog who refused to learn the "Come!" command. He did, however, learn "Sit!" Sarah, good dog though she is, sometimes does better with SIT than COME. It's so much easier to snap a leash on a sitting dog!

Cheri Walton said...

I am the world's worst dog trainer. I've never trained a dog to do anything. All they have to do is look confused and I melt. They usually learn the essentials by themselves. When I think of it, I was just as bad training children until they became verbal. That's why I worried that my kids would be carrying a bottle and wearing diapers when they started school.