Monday, February 02, 2015

................and even more

I don't remember seeing this much snow since I was in High School.    This is the third blizzard in a week.  It's still going on out there with very high winds and lots of blowing snow.  The picture is right as I step out the front door.  This whole area was completely shoveled out yesterday.  I was finally able to take the dogs for a good walk.  Then this morning it was still fairly open and we went out again, but not as far because the wind was picking up.  I knew it was going to snow very soon, and I needed to drive to the store.  By the time I got to the grocery store about thirty minutes later the wind was howling and the snow had started.  The roads were very slippery, but not many cars were on the road.  That was not the case when I drove into the parking lot.  The place was packed.We all bore a striking resemblance to snowmen as we packed our carts with supplies.  We hadn't been able to go out for a few days, and the future looked pretty bleak in terms of trips to the store. Everyone evidently took the brief window of opportunity to shop. On the way home the roads were very slippery with very poor visibility, particularly since my windshield wipers were frozen in place. 

 This is the top of the lilac bush in front of the house.
This is the street outside my front door.  The lower right shows the tail of my car poking out of
the snowbank.

So, that is the story of winter in Eastport.  I Don't think I will post any more boring pictures, but it's hard to resist.  Nature is so amazing.


P. J. Grath said...

That was our winter last year in Northport, Michigan. From what I hear, there is much less snow this winter, but temperatures sound very cold to someone basking in the sunshine of the Southwest.

Stay warm and safe!

NJ said...

We (near Erie PA) have a lot of snow, too, but it does look like you have more. I've stayed home for days, and then when the weather is open, I scoot to the store to replenish my stores. Milk and bananas! Can't keep those too in stock. That has to be fresh. I liked seeing your pictures. Nancy