Monday, March 30, 2015

My BIG Painting

I finally have a picture of the painting I have been working on for so long.  It's 8 feet long and 2 feet high, done on 6 inch squares and then assembled to make one image.  It was hard to get it all in one picture, and the panorama setting on my camera baffled me.  Nevertheless, this is a pretty good representation of it except for the missing head on the guy standing up on the right.  I'm quite happy with the results and am growing weary of working on it.  I doubt I will do more.

My posts here have been neglected because of my recent enthrall with facebook.  I am growing addicted to the immediate response I get to my posts.  I expect the fascination will lessen......I hope it will.  Here I am free to wander around in my head, and even though it is still electronic media it seems private enough to ramble.  It is less a news flash and more a stream of consciousness.

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karenwihbey said...

That's an amazing painting! For your show? I'm on facebook a bit and find it to be a news-y diversion. Nice to see all the work you've posted and updates on all your pets!