Sunday, March 08, 2015

The Aftermath

With daylight saving time came the first thaw.  How much of the snow will melt before we have more snow is, of course, unknown.  I took these pictures while walking with Willy (Patrick opted out).  This first one is part way down Clark St as we walked toward the water.
This is the end of the street where so many lovely pictures have been taken in the past.  The plow is responsible for the snowbank.

Here is another Clark St drift, slowly melting and freezing again. producing caves and stalactites as nature is fond of doing on scales big and small.

This is my favorite picture, which amazed me when I downloaded it because I took it looking straight into the sun.  I couldn't see a thing through the camera lens, but I loved the sun on the melted snow running down the street.  It is a regular occurrence...........water ripping up the pavement on its way to the ocean.  No attempt is made by the city to pave the end of the street, but every year they try to keep up with the huge holes left by the running water.  They never succeed.

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Tom said...

Thanks for the pictures and your blog. Eastport is on our "short list" of places we want to live some day and blogs like this help us "know" the town a lot better. Hope the snow is all gone by now!