Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bread, etc.

I have been thinking about making bread ever since I got the new stove, but didn't get to it until today.  This is it right after I took it out of the oven.
Here it is a short time later, after I sampled it.  It is delicious, I must say.  This is the first total success I have had with that new stove. Up til now everything I have cooked has come out less than perfect for one reason or another.  I hope this represents a trend.

I've been neglecting my blog somewhat because of my preoccupation with my art show.  I am constantly working to get my work ready to exhibit.  The hall upstairs is full of pieces of wood, screws, hammers, drills, bottles of glue......the big pieces I am exhibiting needed to be prepared for hanging.  My makeshift carpentry is working out surprisingly well and I am almost through with that aspect of things.  The worst is yet to come.......the making of lists, cards, pricing, etc.  And then there is the actual hanging of the show. Then the opening. I have promised to do it, though, and things have gone too far for me to back out (again).  People are sure I will be glad I did it........and I actually will get a small amount of satisfaction out of it.  That corner of my psyche that is nourished by the approval of others will rise up for a rare treat.

..or I assume so.  Perhaps no one will come.  If not, I can come home and watch another episode of Criminal Minds.


karenwihbey said...

Wow those are beauties! I'm fighting with some sourdough starter. Good luck on your show-how long is it up for?

Ivga Stark said...

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