Saturday, April 11, 2015

Time Passes........

Despite the hard winter the plants know enough to appear as usual, at their usual time.  These little leaves, probably day lilies, are co-existing with the ice cover just inches away.The remains of last Fall's version of the same plants lay dead beside the new shoots.  It's making quite a statement about the cycle of life.
The mound of snow beside my front door has melted to a great degree.  The trees appear to have survived pretty much unscathed.  Last week I was standing on the mountain of snow shoveling out the branches that were bent under the snow.  It looks like I could have left things to nature..........statements like that flow from our lips all the time, as if we were outside of nature.....and I have now done it myself.  My shovel and I are no less natural than the sun melting the snow.  Like a lot of other species, we know how to make and use tools.  Also, like them, we use them to alter the environment to suit us better.  I was just doing what I do.

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