Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mundane Life

I've been spending most of my time trying to weed out the unnecessary clutter that fills every nook and cranny of this house.  So far I have filled fifteen trash bags.  Other items too big for the bags have stood on the sidewalk their own...a cooler, a lawn chair, etc.  On the left is a pile of USB cords, cable wire, telephone cord, extension cords, and a few miscellaneous connectors I didn't recognize.  I spent some time separating them into categories and placing them on a shelf in the closet.  How could I dare throw any away since I had no idea what they were for?  What if I needed them?  Otherwise, I was merciless.  Anything I hadn't needed for at least a year went into the trash.  Mostly it was junk that I have kept for various reasons and never used or looked at. 

The next room I tackled was the "guest" room.  It's also the room where I store most of my artwork.  Since so much of it was in the show at the art center I took the opportunity to go through the rest and throw out what was really meaningless.......proofs of various prints, failed paintings and drawings, etc.  I went through the drawers of the chest in there and tossed towels and sheets and curtains that have been there unused for years.  In my own bedroom I tossed old clothes and shoes, and hundreds of cassette tapes that aren't usable anymore.  Downstairs I cleaned out the closet in the dining room, which was full of sheet music from when I was playing the recorder, musical instruments, old tablecloths, napkins, wrapping paper, boots, gloves, hats, skeins of yarn, etc. In addition, I put down a new tile floor in both the upstairs and downstairs halls.  The kitchen and living room didn't require quite as much work, since I maintain them fairly well and keep the excess to a minimum.  When I began this cleaning frenzy it was because I had decided to move back to Bangor if I could find a place to live. I wanted to weed out my belongings to make the move easier.  For awhile I was obsessed with the idea and spent days on line looking for apartments and dreaming of the city life of my home town. I applied for subsidized housing.  As time went on, though, my enthusiasm died down, as I had predicted it would.  I have moved so many times, looking for nothing other than something different.  I love the novelty of a new place to I made my house new.

Today I made bread using the first recipe I had tried.  I've tried two or three others since I got my new stove, but this is the one I like the best.  As you can see by the picture, these loaves were quite enthusiastic and practically overflowed the pans.  I put two balls of dough in each pan to make them easier to store and freeze, but I'm not sure it was a good idea.  The two balls bulged out over the ends rather than rising in the middle.  Nevertheless, it is delicious.


Ivga Stark said...

You've done a great job! I give you a piece of advice, hire a first class specialist from and you'll get more visitors.

Linda said...

This is great, weeding out clutter is always refreshing, it feels so good to get rid of it. Your bread looks delicious. :)