Monday, May 18, 2015

The Horse Show

Kendall and I went to the horse show in Pembroke Saturday.............partly because her horse Charlie was participating and partly because it was dedicated to one of the volunteers at FLFES who was killed in an automobile accident a few days ago.  She was a lively, lovable girl of 19 we all knew well because of her presence there before and after she adopted one of the horses.  There was a ceremony in honor of her, but we arrived after it was over (thankfully).  Immune from the mood that no doubt prevailed prior to our arrival, we visited happily with people we knew from the shelter.  I hadn't seen Charlie for many months and I had forgotten what a pretty boy he is.  He lives with a family with three teenage children, and Kendall lets them ride him as if he were their own.  Most of these pictures are of Rebecca and Charlie in the barrel races.  By chance, though, I found out that another shelter horse was there, too.  It was the black mare, Abby, who was so sick and traumatized when she arrived she had to be isolated.  I was appointed her caretaker because the other volunteers were afraid of her (with good reason), and I didn't have the sense to fear her.  Gradually she got better and the last picture is of her and the little girl who now owns her.  I could have cried with happiness when I found them and saw how well it had all turned out.

I posted a few other pictures of the general ambiance, mostly for my Michigan blogger friend Pamela.  She has vowed to see horses every day now that she is back from the southwest.  If no live horses are available, perhaps she can take some pleasure in seeing these.  I certainly had a good time at the show............though it brought to the fore how much I miss working at the shelter.  Luckily I am still in touch with the people I met there through facebook.  It keeps me connected to that time and that life...........

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Oh, lovely, lovely, lovely! Thank you so much!!!