Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dog Walk at 4PM

My routine is to feed and walk the dogs at four every afternoon.  This time of year it is already dark, with the shortest day still to come.  We live at the very edge of the country, where the sun comes up early and sets early.  By 3:30 AM the sun is already poking up over Campobello, which is on Atlantic time.  Therefore, it is already 4:30 there.  Off and on there is an attempt by easterners to change to Atlantic time, but so far no luck.  As I walk my boys, the Canadians are probably getting ready for dinner.

The moon is full tonight, presumably hauling the ocean away as I write.  When it's full, I wonder if the pull is strongest and the tides lower.  Well, I will have to look that up.  I watch the water come and go every day with only the slightest understanding of what is going on.  I find its reflection on the water beautiful without question.  In most, if not all, things, the more you know about something the more rich its beauty becomes, or beauty emerges where it didn't exist before.

I often think about what happened to me when I took a class in music appreciation as a freshman in college.  Until then, classical music held almost no appeal for me.  Then I learned about symphonic form, and a whole new world opened up for me.  The more I learned about how to listen to music, the more I loved it.That was a gift from some long forgotten professor whose name I can't recall.

I guess I had better find out more about the moon and the tides.

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