Friday, September 16, 2005

Back in Business

It seems like forever since I have been able to use the computer. Because of the phone problem, I couldn't get on line, either, and even after I got the phone, I couldn't get my DSL. Well, phooey on them. After trying to rectify the problem three days in a row, I ripped out my verizon modem and called my former dial-up server. They are not too busy serving other customers to re-instate me, so here I am. Things may happen a little more slowly, but at least they do happen.

Well, I am mostly settled in my new home. Only occasionally do I look around and wonder where I am. The dog yard has been completed by Will and escapes by the dogs have ceased after a tumultuous few days. The chicken fence is up, too, and the girls have been outside on the few occasions when I have been home long enough to supervise them. I'm afraid to leave them out while I'm gone until I'm sure no predators are lurking in the vicinity. The last few weeks have been very busy, but now I look forward to a slowing down of activity and time to adjust to my new environment. The Salmon Festival, Paint Eastport Day, putting up Elizabeth's and my show at the gallery, and teaching the Ederhostel class are all recent events that I will document a little in the next few days (with pictures, of course). Right now I have to get ready to go to the organ concert. Oh, the pace of life in Eastport!


brina said...

yay! you're back! can't wait to see the pictures :)

MW said...

Incredible! As usual

I just found you, lost where I had written down your blogg, found about google blog, put in your name, got David with a link to you.

Have only read 3 entries. So sorry to read Lytton (sp!) has something, maybe, going on. The lady vet called back so quick when you got me to call her about Ozzie's very strange episode, no recurrence.

And, your leg! So much for denial.

Feel slightly guilty that you have moved twice without me, simply not up to it. You are a wonder.

Think of calling at least 3 times a week, hope you have phone service, will try.

All the best, Marion