Friday, September 23, 2005

The Opening and News of Section 8

After what seems like a terribly hectic preparation period, the opening reception for Elizabeth's and my show at the gallery finally took place. It was like all openings except that Elizabeth and I had the expense of putting on the party and cleaning up afterwards. Looking back on it, I wonder what the point was. Almost no one seemed to be interested in the artwork we had so carefullly hung, or in the t-shirts David had made, or the posters we had printed to sell. Though it was a fine party, with the usual attendees happily chatting, eating, and drinking, and I felt rewarded that they all bothered to come, it seemed mildly anticlimactic somehow. I'm not disappointed...why would I be? I even sold a painting (though not one of the featured ones in the show), but whatever underlying expectations I evidently had were not met. So it goes.

I came home to find that I had left Patrick and Lytton outside. I imagine the neighbors were ready to get up a petition to have me removed by the time I brought them in. They were probably barking most of the time I was gone. Since this is the second time I have gone off with at least one of them outdoors, it is obvious I am not paying enough attention to their whereabouts when I leave. I'm careful to make sure the door is closed, but not to make sure the dogs are on the right side of it.

Speaking of home, I received a letter from section 8 today that I would receive help with my rent. This was a relief after being scared the other day by Wendy's dire predictions of the house not meeting affordability standards for me. Phyllis had received word, too, and a request to submit a lease. She left a message on my machine about it, sounding more than slightly irritated by the whole thing. I know that my tenancy is becoming more trouble than she was expecting. I am very uncomfortable after all she has done for me to be causing her distress. I will be happy to have the initial difficulties with settling in over. It is dangerous to do business with a friend, and I hope I didn't expect too much of us. Since we had no trouble when she lent me money for the car, I believed we could avoid the pitfalls this time, too, as long as I paid my rent on time. I still hope that will be the case. I understand, though, that it can be very tiresome to have continuous demands put on you when you've already done more than anyone could be expected to do.

I still can't download pictures, though I've been trying for hours to find out how to fix the problem. Something is bound to work sooner or later, but until then, I'm frustrated with not being able to include them in my posts. (Like I'd like to kick the computer through the window.)

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