Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wednesday Art Day and the end of Mary

I made this print today from the block I cut a few weeks ago intending to put it in the Windows show at the gallery. I didn't get around to printing it because of the furror of moving. I like the image, which I call "Dismount" and had a good time practising chine colle (adding color by collaging pieces of paper onto the print during the printing process). I hope to put some time into printmaking this winter so that I can do more complicated pieces and techniques.

I went to art group despite the reluctance I felt after being teased and ridiculed, or so I thought of it, the last time I was there. I fully intended to stay home and continue the task of organizing my endless belongings. Then I met Lisa in the grocery store and after we spoke about it, I began to feel silly about not going. Still, I had told both Lisa and Judy about my displeasure at talking politics and movies rather than art. I worried that I might have placed a gag order on them regarding conversation topics and things would be stilted. I was very conscious of this during the afternoon, but hopefully everyone will forget about what I said soon enough and all will eturn to normal.

I found Mary dead this morning. Now that the two chickens have died I'm sorry they didn't do so immediately instead of suffering as they did. At this point it makes no difference and their little lives are over. Nature is incredibly cruel to individual life. It is very evident to me that individuality plays no part in any grand scheme and our awareness of it is nothing less than sadistic on the part of any overseer who might have ordained it. Posted by Picasa

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brina said...

sorry to hear about the chickens :( sad.