Friday, November 11, 2005


Today I went shopping for the first time in many weeks. Sydney had to take Bella to the groomer in Calais, so we made an afternoon of it. I got this fabric to make curtains for my dining room. Originally I had planned to use old curtains I had bought for the house on Middle St., but those seem to have disappeared. Then I decided that the blinds were enough. Now I feel that the room needs to be warmed up. This could be a direct result of the fact that it is getting colder outside, and it gets dark so early. Whatever the reason, the windows will soon be dressed in floral finery.

The major thrust of the shopping expedition, however, turned out to be buying clothes. I really can not spare the money I spent on such frivolity, but I threw caution to the winds. When I opened the suitcase where I had put my winter clothes a few weeks ago, I was shocked with how little I had to wear. I'm not sure what happened. I could have thrown out whatever I wore last year. Or maybe I spent the whole winter in the three turtle necks given to me by Thelma's sister, Connie. I felt I really needed some long-sleeved tops. Scouring the clearance racks at Wal-Mart, I came up with one pair of pants and five tops. I also bought a new headset for the phone (Patrick chewed up my old one) so that I can hear better when I talk on the telephone. My total outlay was over $75.00, which made my heart sink as I read the total at the self-check out. Now I will have to live with my spending spree, but at least I'll have something to wear while I do it.

David emailed that Shirley has only weeks to live. I want to get her portrait done so that she can see it, but I still am not quite satisfied with it. I won't send it until I feel it is right, and I hope that will happen this week-end. I know I can do it the way I want if I just keep at it. Right now it isn't quite Shirley the way I remember her. Almost, but not good enough. I really want it to be perfect.