Sunday, November 27, 2005


After spending the actual day of Thanksgiving elsewhere, I tackled a dinner for Jesse, Sabrina, and myself for our own celebration of a combined Christmas and Thanksgiving. The three of us prepared a feast and ate with great gusto. We all love to eat. The day was spent in happy conversation and camaraderie. Jesse helped me install the stained glass lampshade Joanne had fixed and returned to me a few weeks ago. With it over the table, I feel as if the dining room is complete. Sabrina didn't feel well in the evening, but we watched a hilarious video they had brought of a stand up comedian I had never heard of. He was irreverent and outrageous.

The next day was our intended Christmas part of the visit, but the gifts I had ordered for them did not arrive in the mail. I am very diappointed because I wanted to be there when they opened them. I felt as if I had done a good job picking out the gifts. Now I will have to send them on to Connecticut for them to open without me. They had brought my presents, so I had that part of the festivities all to myself. I was delighted by the array of gourmet oils and vinegars, special noodles, pine nuts, cookies, tea, wild rice, and a bottle of delicious blood orange juice, all in a very nice tote bag. They also gave me two DVD's and a very surprising and funny cookbook called "Are You Hungry Tonight," full of the favorite recipes of Elvis Presley. My infatuation with Elvis is legendary and the gift couldn't have been more appropriate. I look forward to the DVD's since they know my taste very well and are sure to have picked something I will enjoy.

After most of the day was over they packed to leave. They were going to Bangor last night and on to Connecticut today. I enjoyed the visit so much I was terribly reluctant to see them go and wished they lived nearby so I could see them more often. The older they get, the more my children and their mates become my kindred spirits, and I enjoy being with them as much for the like-mindedness we share as the fact that they are my kids. They are very likeable people. I spent a sad evening missing them.

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