Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Wall comes Tunbling Down

In preparation for my washing machine, and having asked Phyllis' permission, I took out the wall between the two sides of the former sunporch.This experience has taught me that taking things apart is a lot easier than putting them together. It was actually easier to knock the wall out than to put up one mini blind in the living room, even including the clean-up. Having decided that today was the day, I dragged out my All-Saw, a screwdriver, and a hammer. The wall was well-constructed of two sections of sheetrock and a heavy frame of 2x4"s attached to the ceiling and the floor, but they were no match for a determined woman with a saw. Just as I figured, it had obviously been added recently, because the ceiling and floor were continuous once the wall was gone. Whoever built it had used the outside door moulding as the end piece, so all I had to do was nail it back beside the door. No evidence of its ever having been there remains other than the mismatched floors. If I ever feel ambitious enough, I can get another box of tiles and redo that end to match the other. I called Dominic and left him a message that I am ready for my washer. Posted by Picasa