Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Chickens and Reindeer

The gallery is going to be open on Dec. 17 during the Festival of Lights and I wanted something inexpensive to put in. I painted this small painting today, combining two photos I took at the farm in Robinston. What attracted me about it was the shape of the sky and the reflections in the windows of the house. I added the chickens for sales appeal, I must confess. though it was fun painting them. I asked Lisa to come over to paint with me, and she worked on something she is doing for her sister for Christmas. This "paralell play" with occasional bursts of conversation is my favorite social situation. I was happy for the first time in weeks.

It snowed again today, leaving more accumulation and making the roads slippery. It's cold, too. I had to go out twice, the last time after dark to feed Bella, Sydney's dog. I found that I could drive up Wilson St. without any trouble, thanks to my studded tires. Without them I wouldn't be able to navigate these hills at all, so they were a very happy investment. My car is really terrible on snow and ice without them. I'm hoping the weather will be good tomorrow so that David will be able to drive from Bangor after his plane lands. He is in for some real weather shock coming from Florida.

Below is the reindeer I made, beside its inspiration, Alice's reindeer. Tomorrow I will take it to Sydney's and decorate it for Christmas. I may also take the paper mache balls I made with the idea of making tree decorations. I don't have the glittery stuff that Sydney keeps on hand, so she said I could use some of hers.

I am plodding along through this time that Alice is sick, feeling like I am walking through knee-deep mud. I miss my therapy sessions and am constantly aware of that lack. I push each day behind me with great effort, glad that it brings me one day closer to resuming my normal schdule. Posted by Picasa