Thursday, December 29, 2005


It seemed dark in the dining room now that the days are so short. For awhile I have been turning on the light whenever I was in the room. Then it occurred to me that, pretty as they are, the curtains I made blocked the daylight too much. After considering my options, I decided to move the curtains I had in my bedroom downstairs. I left the blinds up in case I felt I needed privacy, though I haven't used them for that since I put them up.

The sheer curtains looked good, and let in a lot of light. But I missed the print of the others, so decided to use them as a table cloth. I like the effect.

Once I had done that I turned my attention to the living room, where the Christmas Tree suddenly looked passe. I took it down and packed it away after only one day of glory. I removed the rug because the room smells like dog poo and I thought that might be the culprit. Now it's hanging over the rail of the deck getting a good washing by mother nature. Still in the spirit of reoganization, I took down the curtains in there, too. They have never pleased me. I put up other sheers that I had found in the closet while wondering what to do in the dining room. I thought they were all the same, but it turns out one is too short for the window. I left it anyway, but will have to rectify the matter at some time in the future.