Sunday, February 05, 2006


Even though I didn't go to the dinner last night, I had visions of Pelmeni dancing in my head and decided to make them anyway. Here are a couple of trays waiting to go into the freezer, and there are a lot more where those came from. Am I obsessed with food? Pretty much.

Making these involves first making the pasta. I meant to take a picture at that stage, but forgot. It's so, well, old-fashioned to pile flour on the counter, add salt, make a crater in the top, and break eggs into it. Then using a fork you mix it all together into a dough and knead it. I have a pasta machine so I rolled it into long sheets with that, then cut it into circles with my biscuit cutter. (How do they ever sell enough new biscuit cutters to merit manufacturing them? I've got the same one my mother used all through my childhood.) The filling is made from hamburger mixed with garlic, dill, and salt and pepper. You place a little of this mixture on each circle and seal the edges around it. Total time: about four long and boring hours. I had forgotten how much work the damn things are. To eat them, you cook them in boiling water for about eight minutes. They are though, delicious with butter and salt and pepper, or in a bowl of beef broth. Now that it's over, I'm glad I made them.
Otherwise the day was spent mostly on the phone, with Mike and then Thelma. Yesterday I called Carrie and talked with her, as well as Elizabeth in Cape Cod. I hope I didn't misunderstand my new telephone plan. Supposedly I have unlimited calling anywhere in the US for one price. I guess I will find out when I get my bill. I've never been one to make a lot of calls, but obviously I'm getting into the idea. I also filled out the worksheets necessary to become a client of the credit counseling company I found on line. They promised to save me money by consolidating all my credit card bills. I have to cancel the cards, but that is no hardship since they are all maxed out anyway.

Wouldn't you think that things would get easier financially as you get older? Not so. It's a cycle, ending up in the same place you began. Posted by Picasa

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