Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Lessons and the Carols 2006

Amazingly it was time for the lessons and the carols again at the Dennysville Congregational Church. Time goes by so quickly. David and I couldn't miss it, despite the fact that there was a concert at the Art Center that we would have liked to attend. This has become a tradition with us, and we had been looking forward to it. Last year we slipped on the ice as we picked our way up the hill to the church, but this year it was dry and bare. The place was full to capacity, but luckily the front pews are the last to be chosen, so David and I were able to take our accustomed place right in front of the choir.

As usual the church was decorated with two huge Christmas trees and the only lights were candles that were lit by children who walked solemnly up the aisles. The music is different each year, and I thought it was even better this time than in the past. Some of it was quite innovative, and the instrumentation included drums and a violin as well as the organ. A few of the songs were sung in foreign languages. This choir is more than willing to push beyond the familiar and the results are very exciting. We, the audience, joined in on the familiar carols. It was the lovely evening we expected it to be.

Christmas is unfolding in a rather peaceful way this year, quietly and without much hurry. I'm enjoying the comparatively slow pace of things, even though I had to drive to Calais today for some last minute shopping. The crowds were not so huge or so pushy as I remembered, and I breezed through the experience as if in a dream of Christmas as it ought to be. It was raining, but it didn't seem to matter. Posted by Picasa

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DTD said...

Great Photos Emma !!!!!

Thank you for catching the essence of a lovely event.