Friday, December 08, 2006

Thelma's painting and more snow

I picked up the framed painting today that I swapped with Thelma for her Judy Rogers painting and a couple of my old works that she had bought years ago. I was dazzled by the look of the pastel in the frame. I thought that any frame would detract from the paintings in this series, but now that I see this one, I have changed my mind. I was so excited that I called Thelma up to tell her about it. The down side is that there's no way I can afford to frame the whole series, so I had better get used to the unframed look again. I packed the painting up and put it in the mail immediately, and the man at the post office said she will get it tomorrow. I took a picture of it, but it really doesn't do it justice. Besides, I don't want Thelma to see it until she sees the real thing.

It snowed hard today, so we are back to winter. I had to venture out in it to get Lytton's special dog food at the vet in Perry, since he was down to the last can. My car, which I haven't had in the snow before, performed well. I tested it by going up Adam's St. after I let Lucy and Harry, Greg's dogs, out. Toward the top it started to slip a little, but letting up the gas slightly and turning a little to the right gave it back its footing and it made it to the top without giving me the slightest doubt. In a town full of hills, it is almost a necessity to have a car that can deal with steep, snow-covered roads, and this one performed admirably. My last car needed studded tires to do as well. It was helpless without them.

The dogs love to go out in the snow, but their staying power is less than impressive. After about four or five minutes Lytton, spokesperson for the group, paws at the door with the same frantic enthusiasm that he exhibited as he flew through it just moments ago. This sets up a racket that brings me running to open it and the three of them come tearing in as if they had been locked out for hours. They rub themselves all over the furniture until they are relatively dry and then settle down for a satisfied nap. About an hour later the process is repeated. It makes them so happy I can not refuse to participate in the game, and after all, snowstorms aren't all that frequent. Posted by Picasa

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