Sunday, December 17, 2006

O Tannenbaum !

I got my Christmas tree out and put it up last week. This year it will have more time in the limelight than last year when, after arriving so late, it was up for only a day. I enjoyed decorating it and placing my new nativity figures under it. I didn't get around to making a little stable as I had planned, though I still may do it. As it is, the holy family et al is assembled amidst a huge reindeer, a snowman, a number of ornaments, a Christmas moose, and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. If they have any sense of humor they ought to be amused by the traditions that have grown up around the event of Jesus' birth. They are not so different from other birthdays, what with the gifts and parties and cakes, but the scale is certainly awesome.

David has returned from Florida for the Christmas season. We spent a typical Cheri and David evening together on Friday with dinner and conversation, and tonight we are going to the movie at the high school. It is very good to have him back. It is probably the last time our lives will be like this, since the plan is for Thom to move here as soon as their house sells. I expect that a new way of being will develop between us and I don't fear the change, but it will be a change. I treasure these days when I still have David more or less to myself, though his thoughts are already reaching longingly into the furure. The benefit of each day for him now is that it moves him closer to the time when his little family will be with him. Such times are always happy....often happier than the reality of the dream come true. I think so often about the fact that the happiest time of my life was the week between the time I bought B.J., my horse, and the time he actually arrived. There is nothing like having a powerful, all-consuming wish fulfilled, and the euphoria is at its peak before the reality begins to impose itself. Of course having B.J. was still one of the best experiences of my life, but nothing can equal that first thrill when you know your greatest wish has been granted. Posted by Picasa

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