Monday, April 07, 2008

Garden, stage one, and another painting

Today it seemed like Spring is finally getting here. I took advantage of the warmth (high 40's) and sunshine to get going on my garden. With my tool that looks like a combination hoe and pitch fork I hacked at the hard-packed dirt in front of the house until it loosened up and would turn over. Considering what I expected, it was a relatively easy job. The ground is surprisingly easy to dig once the so-called sod is removed. My plan is to fill the space with flowers.

Yesterday I started this watercolor from a photo I took a few years ago of the people on the boat waiting to go to Summerkeys. I am now having fun doing these people pictures. The technique seems to suit me right now, fussing with small spaces using little square brushes. After I dug up the "lawn" I finished the painting. It's of indeterminate size, somewhere around 9x12. I am using scraps of paper I find in my stash of odds and ends, so the size of the scrap determines the size of the painting.

Actually I think the paper I used today might be printmaking paper.
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