Saturday, April 19, 2008

Signs of Spring

I have been bringing plants from the Wilson St. house for my soon-to-be garden. I dug up the beautiful white tulips I had last year and am hoping they will bloom after the shock of being moved. The tulips I planted in the fall have come up, and I bought a rhododendron yesterday, along with some lily bulbs and poppy seeds. I've worked all day digging and raking, and even sweeping the walk. While I was at the old house I bailed the water out of my kayak and turned it upside down (which I should have done when I left it there). It seems none the worse for spending the winter full of ice, though, and when Toni next comes over, we'll take it over to her house, ready to go when the moment is right.
David and Thom got this celestial looking greenhouse for starting their plants. There's a light inside it and at night it looks like a flying saucer has landed in their yard. It is such a curiosity that strangers are walking down their driveway to investigate. I'm sure not many people can figure out what it is and it's probably the subject of many a conversation around town.
So, after the long, cold, snowy winter the earth has revolved back to spring again. We all emerge from our houses wearing T-shirts in 50 degree weather, carrying brooms and spades. We start picking up the trash along the street and making a tidy backdrop for the coming of the leaves and blossoms. We open our windows and doors to let out the stale air of those dark months we have survived. One can't help but have a feeling of renewal.

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