Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pretty Belgians

When I was looking at a possible house for Mike I took a picture of these horses and their owner, Bob. In fact, I took a lot of pictures, and I'd like to paint several of them. I did this yesterday at Sydney's. I's small, only about 6x8, and I really love it. I'm tempted to try it, or another one like it, in oil, yet I still feel drawn to the watercolor. I'm almost afraid that if I give it up, even temporarily, I'll lose it again. It's hard for me to just do something without analyzing it, fussing about its implications and consequences.

I'm going back to look at the house again today and may get more photos, though it's raining and not a good day for outside shots.
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Rabea said...

Hi Cheri,

I think this is your best watercolor/figure painting. It looks great! I like it a lot. You did a good job on the light/shadow as well as the composition. Your previous figures had good drawing skills however the composition was lacking. When I take pictures I always have to resist the temptation of copying the exact details. I like to do my own interpretation. I learned a lot from reading and looking at other people's work, and the best way is to do some sketches and tonal studies and switch things around. However, I like to have fun sometimes and forget about all that, and paint directly. But I have found that the best ones I did are the ones that I have studied.