Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reworking and Adding

I decided to cover the cliff painting with a blue wash to calm the color down a bit. I don't think it shows in the picture, but I do like it better. The other painting I did yesterday. That scene is also down by Clark's Ledge. In the distance you can see the marker that divides the United States and Canada........a triangular red and white shape. Before I lived here I saw it while visiting Richard and Frieda. They were staying in the house on Todd Head in exchange for carpentry work. The two of them manipulated people all over the state and beyond, offering services in exchange for accommodations. There was something very endearing about them, but at the same time I disapproved of their constant trying to to get something for nothing. They were very invasive as well...........but, they were charming, too, in a very unconventional way.

My memory of the border marker is of Frieda agressively reminding me that there was a cliff nearby and I shouldn't let the kids play there.
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