Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fall Kayaking

This was the kind of Fall day that is always pictured on calendars. Toni and I took advantage of it and paddled up the Pennaquam River and into the lake. The water was like glass. It was very easy to move along at a quiet pace and enjoy the scenery. There aren't enough camps along the way to destroy the feeling that you are alone in the world. The country, and the world, is in such a mess right now that it seems impossible that a place like this could still exist. For a short time the peace is palpable.

As we neared our landing place, a small break in the trees, we began to good-naturedly worry about getting out of our kayaks. We both are over-weight and have bad legs and knees. Hoisting ourselves up and out is never an easy task. Toni got there first, threw her paddle onto the land, and tried to stand up. She fell back, and in the process drove her kayak back out into the water. I was pulling up behind her, so held out my paddle for her to grab. Once she had it, we were a single out-of-control body drifting toward the dam less than fifty feet away. In a heroic maneuver, Toni rolled (or fell) out of the kayak into the shallow water, stood up laughing, and pulled both kayaks and me the short distance to shore.

We sure know how to have fun.
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