Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was wrong when I said the sunflowers were the garden's last hurrah. The gladiolas that I thought were too late to bloom have been budding and flowering. Even now there are quite a few still at it outside. I picked these this morning and by chance put them on the table in front of my painting of Epping Road. The effect in the photo is quite interesting, I think. It looks as if the flowers are in front of a window.

Epping Road makes me think of Alice and the fact that I haven't mentioned her in quite awhile. I still talk to her almost every week and really cherish my continued contact with her. When I spoke to her yesterday she sounded almost like her old self. She had been given some new medication, she said, and her depression had begun to lessen considerably. I was so glad to hear her animated and interested in doing a few things outside the house. It's been such a long struggle for her...........
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