Saturday, October 11, 2008

Next Door Neighbor

A few weeks back David, Thom, and I were sitting on their back deck when we happened to notice this adorable raccoon watching us from the chimney next door. That house has been empty for years and is not livable for anybody except the several families of raccoons who have taken up residence. This guy just lounged around for about a half hour before sauntering down the side of the chimney, presumably in search of his supper.

There aren't many animals any cuter than a raccoon.
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Ronni Connelly said...

The abandoned homes there break my heart. There's one on Shackford St that's been my dream home for a decade. Oh, if I win the lottery. I'd love to invest in those abandoned old homes and bring them back then offer them as low income housing to those needing such. *dreams*