Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chicken Adventure

The girls had quite a surprise when I opened their door this morning (the same surprise I had when I looked out the window). Usually they pile out into the yard immediately, but they certainly put on the brakes when they saw the snow. I wasn't able to coax then out, even with saltines. They haven't been using the ramp, so I had left it on the ground. Thinking they might venture out if they could do it gradually, I put it in place and crumbled some crackers on it. Cautiously, Lily and Lupine made their way down the ramp and stepped into the snow. Evidently it was the sight of it that unhinged them, not the feel. Once they were on the ground they didn't seem to care about it.

Eventually, encouraged by their comrades, the others crept forward and joined them on the ground. It was still snowing a little, and I think they went back inside as soon as the treats were gone. I was proud of them for being so brave and adventuresome.
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