Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pennamaquam Painting

I used a photo that Toni took to paint this. I started it at art group last week and finished it today at home. As I said when I looked at it after the first session, it's a pretty painting, but so what? I hoped I would be inspired after looking at Emile Gruppe's work in the latest issue of American Art Review. I was inspired, but I couldn't translate his wonderful brushwork into mine. No matter what, it still looks like I painted it.

What I may do is go over it with oil paint. This is acrylic, and I really don't like the way it looks when I use it for landscape. It's too crisp and clean. Or perhaps I just don't like my landscape painting, except the watercolors I used to do in Rockport. I'll never do those again..........they came out of a time and an experience that will never come again.

The weather has turned very cold and windy. A big piece of foam insulation had blown into the yard from somewhere when I went out this morning. My upside-down flag is flapping on it's head, and the dog gate looks like it could blow down any minute. I parked the car up against it to hold it in place. The chickens hovered near the side of the old garage all day, and went inside early. The dogs still wanted to go out for their walks, which I couldn't refuse, but were glad to turn around and come home after a very short time. The top blew of my propane tank, and off the bird feeders.

Thanksgiving is next week. Winter is here.
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