Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finally Back

I haven't been able to blog for a while because I couldn't upload pictures from my camera. I hate to make an entry without a picture, so I waited until I received a new disk from Kodak. It's more irksome to use that program, but the new version of Picasa won't transfer anything from my camera.
Anyway, here is my newest painting. It is done from a photo Toni took many years ago when she lived in Chili. It isn't quite done, but in case I mess it up, I wanted to have a record of it as it is now.
Thanksgiving has come and gone. I took pictures of the wonderful table set for our dinner at David and Thom's, but I accidently deleted them while trying to get my camera to work. It was a beautiful sight and the meal was delicious. I contributed a pumkin cheesecake, which I promptly dropped on the kitchen floor when I arrived. We ate it anyway. (Luckily Thom and David's floor is literally clean enough to eat off.) I had a great day and was certainly thankful for everything I had, including my great friends. When I got home I had messages from both kids. I returned both calls and had nice holiday chats. My cousin Michelle also called and we spent some time on the phone, too. It made me feel close to my family, as well as my friends, like a traditional holiday should.

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