Saturday, November 07, 2009

Last Hurrah

For the last two months the garden has looked sorrier and sorrier. Then today as I brought the dogs back from their walk I happened to glance at the dead sticks and leaves that were once my garden. Amidst the mess, the cosmos I planted from seed in the spring had made their way to the surface and were doing their pretty thing by the bay window. I watched for them earlier, but thought they had died without sprouting. It's always nice to see a miracle, and especially one that happened unconcerned with your notice of it.

There's been another miracle in the garden that has kept my attention most of the summer and fall. Somehow a Petunia plant ended up in pain vue just where the garden meets the sidewalk. I have no idea how it got there, since Petunias are annuals and I haven't so much as touched one in years. As time went on, it remained the same height as when I first noticed it, only about seven or eight inches tall. There were white always flowers on it, between three and five healthy blooms so consistent that I could have believed they were the same blossoms. I never noticed one wilt or fall off the plant. It is still there now, still blooming.

I won't be surprised if snow buries it one of these cold November nights while its flowers are still fresh.
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Fearless Nester said...

Nature's little miracles indeed always there for all that notice.