Saturday, March 06, 2010

CHickens in Winter

I haven't taken a picture of the chickens in awhile, but here they are. I had just filled their water up and they all wanted to be the first to get a drink. That was last night, and today they were out all day for the first time in a long while. It has been very cold and windy, but Spring certainly seems on the horizon. The snow has all but disappeared and the temperature is rising. The dogs and I took a fairly long walk in the sunny, 40-something degree weather this afternoon. The fields at Dog Island are comparatively open this time of year, before the trees leaf out and the underbrush takes over. We walked across one of those fields to the end of the island. The land dropped off suddenly and plunged down to the water, hundreds of feet below. There is nothing there to warn unsuspecting hikers that the world is about to disappear, but I have never heard of any accidents or suicides there. The dogs walked to the very edge without any fear, sniffing. I don't consider myself afraid of heights, but an uncomfortable feeling in my knees kept me well back, hauling them back by their leashes. I tiptoed close enough to look over the edge and saw a perfect little beach below me. Huge cliffs rose up on both sides of it, making it inaccessible by land.

It occurred to me on the way home that kids have probably found a way to get down there, though I can't imagine how. And if they have, how on earth do they get back up? In any case, it is a piece of wild, wild land and ocean, not a quarter of a mile from my house, doing what it does pretty much unnoticed by us human beings. The water most likely is carving away at that cliff with its coming and going, making infinitesimal headway under the rock. It's too much to contemplate........the relativity of time....
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