Thursday, March 04, 2010


I subscribed to a magazine about drawing and got the first issue yesterday. It inspired me to draw, and I chose one of Thom's Hawaii pictures as subject matter. After seeing Rembrandt's ink and wash drawings, which I have always loved, I decided to try to do a reasonable facsimile. As usual I didn't have the right materials, but I used a regular pen and some watercolor for a similar effect. I enjoyed doing it, but it didn't take long and I had the whole afternoon ahead of me. So I did a charcoal drawing, too. The photo doesn't show the whole thing........I didn't notice it until I put it on the computer.......but the idea is certainly there. It's amazing how different they look. I have to say the charcoal looks pretty mundane. I really enjoy getting into the flatness of the paper and livening things up a little. The charcoal looks like an advertisement for how to create form, which is certainly my forte. Nevertheless, let's have a little imagination here..........
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