Saturday, May 08, 2010

Finally, the Show

I didn't get any pictures of the reception, but this was taken right after Thom and I hung our show. Later I'll have some that show the party.........We were very happy with the way everything looked, and the opening was well-attended. There are some great comments about it on facebook, which couldn't help but warm our hearts.The show was called "He Saw, She Saw,"which was Thom's idea. David made tags for each work labeled "He Saw" on Thom's and "She Saw" on mine. It was a touch that delighted me quite disproportionately, and I spent more time looking at the cards than the artwork, chuckling anew at each one.

I know there was some buying going on, but I don't know what or how much sold. Thom's photos were pretty popular, I think, and some of my small stuff went, too. I was having a good time socializing, which is quite unlike me in most circumstances. Yet there I was, smiling and chatting and hugging.........It was wonderful to see the whole thing put together. The photos and paintings complimented one another in a way I couldn't have anticipated. Thom and I both felt that the paintings enhanced the photos, and the photos enhanced the paintings. The twenty-four hours before and after the show were spent in self-congratulatory satisfaction. Multiple toasts were drunk to our own success. We loved it.

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sabrina said...

ah, we were going to do a show like that. not sure if/when I'll get to eastport again now...