Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Idea

I thought I was ready to give up painting for awhile, but as I was cleaning up the studio (sort of) I thought of something I wanted to try. It was inspired by an article I read in "Drawing" magazine about a guy who used tattoo ink on transparent paper. It said he painted on both sides of the paper. Well, having no tattoo ink and no transparent paper, I had to improvise. After some time rummaging around, I hit apon the idea of paainting on glass. I used gouache, since I have no other paint, and actually it turned out to be the perfect medium. It's opaque, but you can also wipe it off. I used the image I had painted for the feminine mystique show at the gallery and never showed. The painting was much more transparent than I anticipated, though, especially when held up in natural daylight. It looked mostly like a bunch of drips. Then I thought to put it up against a piece of paper and then put another piece of glass over it. Voila! I love it. The first picture shows it over white paper, the second over red paper, and the third over gold (my favorite). The red one looks a lot better than the photo......much less colorful.

So now I have a new toy, especially after I remove all those paintings at the show from their frames so I can use the glass...........
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Bits Of Me said...

Neat - I like it - painting on glass.