Thursday, May 06, 2010

First Light Farm

My most recent new endeavor is volunteering at First Light Farm. It's a horse rescue organization quite nearby where I can help take care of and rehabilitate horses that have been saved from slaughter, abandonment, or abuse. Once they have been brought back to health and happiness, they are placed for adoption. The criteria for adoption is fairly rigorous to make sure each one spends the rest of his or her life loved and cared for.

These pictures are of a few of the horses living at the shelter now. The one with the saddle is being adopted by the woman handling her. My project is Fern, the first picture. She was saved from the kill pen after a career as a race horse. I have been grooming her and leading her around, petting her and giving her carrots, to make her comfortable with people. I also feed, water, and clean up. I'm donating my services for a raffle, too, to raise money by selling tickets on a portrait of the winner's horse.

I feel as if a wonderful piece of my life that I thought was gone forever has been restored.
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