Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Bike and Garden Update

Shrouded with the delusion that I was much younger than I am, I bought this bike (my kayak in the background). It's just like the one I had in fourth grade....a blue Huffy. It has no gears, no handbrakes. I have managed to keep up pretty well with the advances in technology in most areas, but I have to admit I have not been able to master the bicycle we once called "English Bikes." Eastport is full of hills, so I wish I were able to take advantage of these newfangled things. Without gears, I am almost sure to be thwarted in any attempt to use the bike for transportation. I saw myself cycling to the IGA, possibly with a wicker basket strapped to the handlebars for the groceries I would buy. Probably the groceries included a long loaf of French bread. So far I've ridden it up and down the street in front of my house twice, sweating and puffing from the effort (the street goes slightly down hill and then back up again).

On a more positive note, my garden is certainly fulfilling its promise. To me it is the showplace of the neighborhood.

Another positive note ought to be the fact that I sold three expensive (for me) paintings at the show in Bangor. I felt rich for about two days, dreaming of all the purchases I could make, all the bills I could pay off. It was as if I could have everything I furniture, rugs, a printing press, etc. I couldn't think of what to buy first. Sensibly, I finally went on line with the idea of replenishing my art supplies. After all my painting of late, I need everything......paint, paper, canvas, brushes, ink. After I had gone on line to the discount art supply site and listed what I considered the absolute minimum, I was astounded that my tab was almost five hundred dollars. I made myself click "buy" though, knowing I would regret it later if I didn't take this opportunity to get what I need. So, along with my new bike and my new camera, I am back where I was four days ago. In most ways it's a relief. I have my toys, and now I can get back to the business of living my life as I live it. Money is a distraction that I have always found very intrusive and obnoxious. I am happily back where I want to be.
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