Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today's painting

It was a beautiful day, but I didn't feel like being outside. My mind was on painting, since I've just ordered a huge supply of paints, paper, etc. Everything was depleted, and I made some money at the show in Bangor. The order hasn't come yet, but I had bought a small supply of acrylics last week and I decided to use them. I've been wanting to get back to acrylics.......I look at my old ones and think they look good. Now that I've tried them again, I realize that it isn't the medium that has changed. It's me. I just don't paint the way I used to. Anyway, this is what I see through the windshield as I drive into the driveway. Straight ahead is the door into the shed. The dog fence is coming toward me, right next to the neighbor's half-built deck. Between the two is Diana's house. I love the shapes and angles. I can see that I need to straighten out the edge of the foreground house, but otherwise I am pleased.

It occurs to me that progress, or at least change, is inevitable. I should never have thought I would paint the way I used to just because I went back to acrylics. Still, it's not quite oil, either. Have I come to see things differently, or is it that I have changed the way I use pigment and brushes as I pile up paintings behind me? Whatever, there is nothing I can do.
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