Saturday, July 03, 2010

Ocean Kayaking

Ann and I went Kayaking yesterday in the bay around Cutler. I realized at once that I prefer the ocean to the river, and certainly to the lake. It's amazing how different the coast is from one place to another. The rock formations, the color of the seaweed and water, the horizon......all familiar but very unique. If I had been set down in that place without knowing where I was, I would know immediately that I was not in Eastport. The differences are far from subtle, and each has its own charm. Seeing Machias Bay (I think that's where we were) for the first time almost took my breath away. I couldn't take it all in and so regretted not having more memory on my camera to take more pictures. In some ways that allowed me to stay more in the moment take the whole thing in directly rather than through the camera lens. It's easy to lose some of the majesty of nature when you reduce it to a 2 x 3 inch rectangle.

The kayaking was quite different from when Toni and I went down the Pennemaquan Monday. I was using one of Ann's kayaks, which is a little narrower than mine and has a much bigger opening. It tipped from side to side easier than what I'm used to, and we were in much rougher water. It was exhilarating without feeling dangerous. I could look over and see Ann rising and falling with the water, her legs stretched out over the top of the kayak as if she were in a lounge chair, and there was no way to imagine that anything could go wrong. I loved it and was sorry to see it end.

But I had to rush to the horse farm.............
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