Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dead Chicken

When I went out to check the chickens this morning only three came running to meet me. For a horrible moment I thought I might have closed one of them outside somehow. We have had sub-zero temperatures for several days now and I was afraid she somehow slipped past me, got outside, and froze to death. I climbed inside the coop, which isn't high enough for me to stand up in, and saw her on the floor behind the feed dish, obviously dead for a while since she was frozen to the floor. I picked her up, praying that she wouldn't be so frozen that she would come apart. I had to unstick her head and tail from the floor, but she did remain intact.

In tears, I wrapped her in plastic and put her in a box, then in the cellar to wait for trash day. I will never get used to this........


Remantics said...

Hi Cheri, nice to virtually meet you, thanks for visiting my blog. So sorry to hear about your chicken, we lost one out of our four recently and it is always a blow. Amazing to hear how cold it is there, here it is hot, hot, hot! You are welcome to use my photos to paint from if you would like, if you can't copy them from my blog then let me know and I could email you any you want in jpg form,. If you do use any I would love to see photos of what you paint from them. My email address is remantics(at)gmail(dot)com. I enjoyed reading the post about the flute (shame it got a bit chewed, glad it still works though), it sounds like an intriguing instrument. All the best, Karen

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks! I can't wait to get going on the photos. My printer is out of ink at the moment so I don't know it I can print from the blog or not. I think I can, but I'll let you know. Certainly I'll send you pictures of whatever I do.

I just checked the other three chickens and they are alive and well, thank goodness.

It's so great to know someone in Australia, albeit a cyberspace connection. I hope you get this...I should have posted it on your blog and not mine, I realize. I guess I'll send you a note to tell you.........Cheri

Madeleine Weston said...

I'm sorry you lost your chicken.

When I was a child, I had a few budgies. I wept when a bird died... I buried them. I had a little bird cemetery. 3 years ago, I buried the dog... Sad memories.

I hope for better tomorrows :-) . Something has to leave in order to come up something new. :)

Sorry for the mistakes, I'm not good at English.

Have a nice day :-)