Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playing with My New Toys

Recently I splurged on a little printing press that works by pressure rather than rolling over the image. It came in the mail the other day. Then today I got some rubbery "easy cut" blocks from another art supply company. With no commitments, I set to work. The press works very well, much to my relief (no pun intended). The top print is made from a woodcut I did a few days ago while I was still fascinated with fetuses. The other one I did on the new block. It is yet another of my mother's dolls. This one was printed twice, hence the messy registration. Like many mistakes, it turned out to be more pleasing to me than the perfect ones. I didn't like the cuts I had made on the right side of the print, so I collaged a piece of paper over the area. That fixed the problem, and added a new dimension to the print. I used chine collee on the other one, too, in order to liven up and otherwise over cut block. I like that one, too.
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