Saturday, February 02, 2013

More Attacks

I received copious correspondence from my lawyer yesterday that included copies of letters he received from Phil's lawyer.  There are several references to this blog in it.  Apparently she and/or Phil scrutinize it regularly for evidence of malice and wrong-doing.  Amazingly, they find it in the form of my unfulfilled potential, as well as misinterpretation and ignorance of the facts.  It seems that one of my biggest crimes is not becoming a successful commercial artist.  This is a recurring theme in their complaints.  I am tempted to defend myself, except that what I did with my life after Phil walked out is irrelevant.  Why did Sarah herself not become a supreme court judge?  Why did Phil not become a dealer in vintage cars?  Anyone could have done things differently.

The law is very convoluted, and I have to assume that this woman knows what she is doing.  Somehow she must feel that Phil has been wronged and that I deserve to be blamed and punished to the extreme that my only source of income is taken away. When I was dealing with the firm of Rudman Winchell all those years ago, I was amazed at the attorneys' compassion and sense of justice.  Because of them, I was convinced that the unflattering reputation of lawyers was a huge misunderstanding by the general populace.  I am seeing the other side now, being forced to look at the vicious self-centeredness I never knew existed, particularly not in my own husband, and the willingness of attorneys to take advantage of it. 

One belief I have always held is that the lust for money corrupts and destroys human values.  If nothing else, this experience is proving me right.
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Katherine said...

I too have found this out. It seems the more money I left behind when my marriage broke up, the more still he wanted... All one can do is rise above it, as you are doing.