Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine's Day Tulips

 I love white flowers, so I am really delighted with these tulips.  They were a valentine gift from David and Thom, who know that I prefer plants to cut flowers.  When I got them there were no blooms or even buds at all, and I feared for their lives.  My house in the winter is so cold that even the hardiest hardy plants must struggle to survive.  However, within a couple of days one bud appeared, followed by five more.  Now they are all open.  I am surprisingly cheered by the sight of them. Oblivious to the dirt, clutter and cold, they went about their own business.  They are simply what they are, doing what they do.  I know they would have done the same no matter where they were.  They needed no encouragement and no reward.  I find them admirable....they were determined to be beautiful without encouragement or reward.

Whenever I think of the way plants do things, it reminds me of the professor I had in my freshman creative writing course.  I described a geranium being planted at a grave.  Dr. Holmes remarked negatively on my indulging in "the pathetic fallacy."  You can see how much good his criticism did.
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