Friday, February 08, 2013

Winter Tulip

I got this for Christmas in the form of a bowl of dirt.  Bulbs had been planted in it, and somehow persuaded to grow and bloom in 50 degree temperatures. I hardly believe it happened, but here is the evidence of how we bully the rest of nature (not that we need more evidence than what we see every day).  I've been quite fascinated by this process, yet somehow I find it sad.  I guess it is the same feeling I have about caged animals.  I don't like cut flowers, either....something to do with the enormous ego of human kind, manipulting everything to serve its own needs and desires.

I try not to hold its unnatural heritage against this tulip.  As far as I know tulips have always been a commodity, raising Holland from poverty into great economic power (albeit temporary). I doubt that they ever sprang into existence as we know them today without being poked and prodded into doing so.  My erstwhile creative writing professor accused me of "pathetic fallacy," a term I find quite editorial and arrogant.  His criticism obviously did not alter my feelings on the subject, or my use of it in writing.

This tulip deserves my admiration.  I am the only one who can fulfill its mission.  And it is quite pretty......
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