Thursday, March 07, 2013

One More Time and Birth of the Website

 After I painted the last painting in this group two days ago, I realized that all the others I had recently done were very drab.  The old ones were cool, blue-ish-white-ish.  The last one was much warmer, more lively.  So, one by one, I brought them back to the easel and went after them with yellow paint.  I'm not sure the photographs show the difference as strikingly as it actually is.  In any case, I am much happier with them now.

I have started to make a website for my artwork, and have put the address under my links.  Don't bother to look yet unless you are interested in my "about the artist" paragraph.  The photos I have put on there so far are just my most recent, these I have posted here.  It's my intention, at least, to get most of my work on the site.  The task is quite daunting, but I will try.  Many of the works there will be for sale, theoretically.  I anybody actually wants one, I will have to scramble..........though it seems to me I did set up a paypal account at one time.  I had intended to become rich and famous selling paintings on ebay, but after one attempt I lost interest (in being either rich or famous).  Why am I making this website?  Who knows, but it seems like a thing I ought to do if I want to call myself an artist.

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