Friday, March 01, 2013

The Boys Go Back to Bed

It's a wet, snowy day (again).  After our morning walk the dogs disappeared, which is very unusual.  Ordinarily they are no more than a few feet from where I am.  I went to look for them and see what they were doing.

It turned out that they all had decided to find a warm place to dry off and rest. Their feet and hair were soaked from their time outside, and my bed apparently seemed like the perfect place.  When I found them they didn't seem in to think they were doing anything wrong.  They simply looked up with mild interest as I approached.  Of course they had no reason to feel guilty.  It would never have occurred to them that I might disapprove of their behavior.....and of course they were right.  I got the camera and they managed to look up for the picture.  At least Patrick and Willy did. Benny snuggled further into my pillow without acknowledging my presence.  I will probably have to change damp sheets before I go to bed.
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Anonymous said...

i love those boys and you too. they are very smart boys.. josie