Thursday, March 21, 2013


 Willy and Patrick got to play outside before it snowed again.  Diana's yard next door is fenced in and they have permission to use it.  So we took advantage of the nice weather to have a romp.  The next day another snowstorm hit, almost as big as the last one.  I ran out of fuel again on the same day.  The furnace stopped working the day after that.  So we have had a little cold spell here in the house.  All is well again now, though. 

I have wondered recently how much longer I will be able to afford to stay in this house.....a topic that rises to the surface off and on.  I saw that there is a vacancy in the subsidized housing building on Boynton St. and gave the idea of moving there a little chance to roam around in my head.  I have to say it roamed right back out again.  I can't really wrap my mind around giving up my dogs, my chickens, my house, my life as I have known it for so long.

Speaking of possible threats, I have to go to court again in about a week for the next chapter in Phil's attempt to strip me of my income.  I feel numb in the face of my precarious circumstances most of the time. 
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