Monday, June 02, 2014


Here is the long-awaited Amaryllis.  I have had the bulb since Thanksgiving and watched it sit and sit and sit until a few weeks ago.  Then a tiny green leaf appeared.  It grew so slowly that I expected to find it dried up and dead whenever I checked it.  Then the bud appeared.  I still didn't dare hope that it would keep going and produce a flower.  I didn't dare touch it or move it.  I watered it once, fearful that I had killed it, but it was a very small drink. Then another bud appeared next to the first one.  I think the plant meant to produce leaves, since the blossoms sit on a single bare stem about ten inches tall, but made a mistake.  It is beautiful just the same, and the second bud (behind this one) will open soon.  I hope the first one stays healthy so that both of them will be there at the same time.

I am thrilled that after three years of aborted attempts( meaning I looked at the bulbs several times a day), I finally have a flower.

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